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UK retail sales fell 1.2% in June, ONS says

Focus: Chinese wind turbine-makers move into Europe as trade tensions flare

Houthis in Yemen claim drone attack on Tel Aviv, killing and wounding

Parents saving up to £10,000 in nursery benefits may face unexpected tax bills

Trump invokes the slogan “unity” – and deals blows

Espionage trial of US journalist Evan Gershkovich in Russia reaches closing arguments

Fire in residential building in Nice, France kills seven

Summer holiday childcare in UK now costs £1,000 a child, research finds

German producer prices fall 1.6% y/y in June

Houthis report striking Tel Aviv with drone overnight

Yael Bronpiwe became the Speaker of the National Assembly of France

‘It was magical’: hidden self-portrait by English artist Norman Cornish found at museum

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